LIVE Kitty Cam!

Watch the kitty cam LIVE


You can take a virtual visit any day of the week by tuning into the LIVE Kitty Cam featuring cats and kittens available for adoption at the Kansas Humane Society. This new Kitty Cam will allow online visitors to watch our feline friends at play, on the climbing wall, or just taking a cat nap.

You can control the Kitty Cam too!

Zoom in on a napping cat, follow an exploring kitty, watch a game of hide & seek. You can also see the small mammals, the lobby, and two of the dog suites. Use the tools on screen or try the preset camera views. You may end up in a short queue when you drop by to play with the cats. When it’s your turn, have fun!

The Kansas Humane Society receives over 17,000 animals each year. The Kitty Cam is an exciting way to use new technology to help find homes for adoptable cats. Online visitors can observe the cat’s personalities and find the purrfect companion from the comfort of home. View all cats for adoption or visit the Kansas Humane Society at 3313 N Hillside, Wichita, KS 67219.

Many thanks to Realty World Wichita and B98 for making the Kitty Cam possible!