Snickerdoodle in the shelter

As a longtime volunteer at the Kansas Humane Society, Alaina Bush was used to seeing the faces of homeless dogs eagerly looking back at her as she walked down the rows of kennels.  But one little puppy's face stopped her in her tracks. There's some that I just have a spark with and I definitely had a spark with her, even at a young age. It was Snickerdoodle. At just 8 weeks old the little Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix had a personality much bigger than her small, 6-pound frame. "When they are that young, they don't tend to have all of their personality yet, but she had such a strong personality. I could tell we were gonna be great together, Alaina remembered. "She's very sassy. The little puppy and her 5 littermates were brought into the shelter after an un-spayed family pet had an unwanted litter. The puppies, including little Snickerdoodle, were put into foster care where they could be treated for the tapeworms and roundworms the vets at KHS had discovered where they arrived at the shelter. Once they were healthy enough to be spayed and neutered, they were returned to the shelter and put up for adoption. Alaina wasted no time. "I was kind of cheating because I was a volunteer. I had my eye on her litter and like the day after her spay [surgery], I was like, "I'm putting down a hold payment." I just had to have her! Alaina took the small puppy home, where she made friends with Alaina's 7-year-old dog, Rocky Road, who had recently lost her canine companion. "I could tell she was getting a little bored with being alone after Brownie, our English Springer Spaniel, passed. Alaina said. "[Snickerdoodle] definitely lifted her spirits."

2 Snickerdoodle with her new buddy

It seemed the once homeless puppy, Snickerdoodle, had gotten her happy ending…until 2 years later, when tragedy suddenly struck. "It really came on instantly. One day she was happy-go-lucky and the next day she was like "Mom, I can't move" and I was really worried that we were gonna lose her. Alaina came home one day to find Snickerdoodle unable to move from her bed. She was refusing to eat or drink and her eyes had begun to jaundice. Alaina rushed the frail dog into the vet where she was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia- a blood disease which is known to kill a dog in a matter of hours.

  Snickerdoodle all grown up

Together with her vet, Alaina nursed Snickerdoodle through two months of immune-suppressant therapy, wondering all the while whether it would be enough to save her. "She lost her muscle mass. She had a really pointy little head and then it turned into hair loss, Alaina remembered. But the sassy Snickerdoodle wasn't giving up. She battled through the disease and eventually began to regain her strength. "She's definitely the type of dog or soul that you cannot keep down. She's not going to give up, she's just that type of personality. Alaina said joking, "She's very much of her sign- which is a Leo- She's very much a Leo. Snickerdoodle beat the odds and made it to her 3rd birthday, which the Bush family celebrated with a trip to the lake to let the dogs swim. As she recovered, Alaina saw Snickerdoodle's signature attitude come back, but with one minor change. "She went back to her old sassy self, but what I did notice-and my mom did as well- is that after she got better she was a lot less demanding." Alaina said, "It's kind of silly to describe, but she's a lot more affectionate. You could tell she felt like you guys knew I was in trouble and you saved me" . Ensure more animals get a Happy Tail like Snickerdoodle by donating to the Kansas Humane Society.

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Join us Sunday, July 31, at the Cotillion for our All for the Paws benefit concert featuring Granger Smith ft. Earl Dibbles Jr.

160404 AFP-Poster Granger

KFDI presents, "All For The Paws" - a benefit for the Kansas Humane Society hosted by Carol Hughes. Tickets on sale Friday for $21.50 and that includes all fees at A limited number of VIP tickets are available for $51.50 at the Kansas Humane Society. Those VIP tickets include early admission, food and a chance to meet Granger Smith. Get more info here!

  • Doors open at 7:00pm
  • Show starts at 8:00pm

All proceeds benefit the Kansas Humane Society and the 16,000 animals we care for each year.

Thanks to our sponsors: The Cotillion, KFDI & Baseline Creative  

The Kansas Humane Society is closed Sunday, March 27th in observance of Easter. Please visit us on Monday during regular hours From 11 am to 6:30 am. Thank you to our amazing staff & volunteers for making sure our animals are taken care of during this holiday!



Emergency Generator Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Disaster Preparedness Presentations by the National Weather Service (NOAA) and the Sedgwick County Animal Response Team (SCART)

Monday, April 4, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

WICHITA, KS - Please join City of Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell, and President/CEO of the Kansas Humane Society Mark Eby, for the Emergency Generator Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Monday, April 4th at 4:00 p.m. Immediately followed by disaster preparedness presentations to learn how you, and your pet, can be prepared in a disaster and facility tours of the Kansas Humane Society. Also in attendance will be City Council Member Lavonta Williams, County Commissioner Richard Ranzau and the donors who made this all possible. "It is exciting to see KHS working on disaster preparedness planning with the installation of the generator and the development of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Sedgwick County Animal Response Team.   The two organizations worked together during the Oaklawn tornado, but formalizing this partnership will serve to further improve animal disaster response."   - Jeannette Livingston, Sedgwick County Animal Response Team President

Join us Monday, April 4, 2016

4:00 pm - Emergency Generator Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mayor Jeff Longwell & Mark Eby, along with the donors who made it all possible, celebrate the installation of the emergency generator that will sustain the Kansas Humane Society should a disaster strike with the hopes to lessen the impact on the animals in our community.

4:15 pm - National Weather Service - Weathering the Storm

Presentation from the experts at the National Weather Service about weather safety and being prepared should disaster strike.

4:35 pm - Sedgwick County Animal Response Team - Don't Forget Fido - Including Your Pets in Emergency Preparedness

Jeannette Livingston with the Sedgwick County Animal Response Team (SCART) will provide information on animal response teams and the importance of including pets in your personal emergency preparedness plans.

5:00 pm - Tour the Kansas Humane Society

Take a tour of the Kansas Humane Society including a behind the scenes look at areas many don't get to see including the clinic, enrichment area and more.

"After a year of fundraising, we now have an emergency generator to provide uninterrupted service not only to the animals in our care, but also providing safe harbor to many more animals in the community." Said Mark Eby, President/CEO of the Kansas Humane Society. "In a disaster, KHS can now help vet clinics, other animal shelters and area emergency Animal Response Teams which wouldn't have been possible just a year ago."

Thank you to the generous donors and supporters for helping us celebrate this milestone: the K. T. Wiedemann Foundation, Inc., The Lattner Family Foundation, Junior League of Wichita, Don LacKamp, Steve Nossaman, Central Power, ESI Electric, and Winter Construction. In celebration, local artists, staff and volunteers painted a mural on the generator as a reminder to celebrate the joy as we continue to carry out our mission to save animal lives.

During the early morning hours of Friday, April 3, 2015, straight-line winds blew through north Wichita and caused area wide damage. At the Kansas Humane Society, metal fence posts were sheered at their bases, an air handler weighing over a ton was blown off its base, recycling bins were mangled, windows and doors were shattered, and the damage forced KHS to close its doors for three days. No power meant no power washers, no washers and dryers, no air filtration all of which put the health of the animals at risk. In an animal shelter, the spread of disease is one of the greatest fears. Not only that, the animals were in the dark and their daily routines in turmoil. Everything was at a standstill. The outstanding staff and volunteers managed the situation extremely well taking care of cleaning and caring for the scared animals but all of this could have been avoided if KHS just had power.

Please join us Monday, April 4th at 4:00 pm as we celebrate this ongoing effort to be a resource for the all companion animals in our community.

Founded in 1888, the Kansas Humane Society is a community resource for pets and people, dedicated to enhancing the welfare of all companion animals.   As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, KHS receives no federal, state or local tax dollars, no support from the Humane Society of the United States, is not a United Way agency, and depends entirely on private donations and fees for service. In 2015, the Kansas Humane Society provided care and services for 16,000 animals in the Wichita community. More information is available at

Kansas Humane Society | 3313 N. Hillside | Wichita, Kansas 67219


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, adoption fees for all adult pit bulls and pit bull mixes (6 months and older) at the Kansas Humane Society are reduced to $17.

 Adopt your adult Pretty Pitty March 17 - March 20 for $17.

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