The Kansas Humane Society has several branding guidelines for companies and organizations that want to feature KHS on their website or publications. Please see the brand assets below for direction on KHS logos, typography and color schemes.


Our logo should be shown as a combination of purple (pantone solid coated: 242) and orange (pantone solid coated: 158) as displayed below. The logo may be shown in black and white if two or full color options are not available.

KHS Logo Guidelines - KHS Branding - Kansas Humane Society - Animal Shelter

Download the two color logo
Download the black and white version


Logo Guidelines

Do not:

  • Alter the logo's colors
  • Rotate or change the logo's direction
  • Add special effects to the logo
  • Overprint or obstruct any part of the logo
  • Use old versions or other logos or marks to represent our brand


  • Show the logo clearly and legibly on backgrounds
  • Provide a safety space between our logo and other elements



The Gotham and Archer font families are used for the majority of our designs.

KHS Typography - KHS Branding - Kansas Humane Society - Animal Shelter



The Kansas Humane Society's logo is made from the top two colors in the left column. We use the other colors as part of our color pallete when designing print, video, interactive, and other materials.

KHS Colors - KHS Branding - Kansas Humane Society - Animal Shelter

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