A Long History of Service to Animals & People in the Wichita Community

One of the oldest non-profit organizations in the Wichita area, the Kansas Humane Society was founded in 1888 by community leaders with recognizable places in Wichita's early history, including A.A. Hyde, William Mathewson, William Innes, Dr. A.H. Fabrique, and W.E. Stanley. At that time, other humane societies were forming all across the United States, focusing their efforts mostly on horses, who were often misused and neglected in industry and trade. Humane groups were also among the first advocates for children. But as automobiles replaced horses, and as other agencies developed to help children, humane societies turned more of their attention to the plight of dogs and cats. For over a 100 years, the Kansas Humane Society has provided shelter to homeless animals and promoted the welfare of animals in the Wichita area.

At first, animals were housed one at a time in a doll house located in the backyard of a former assistant fire chief, W.A. Shauner. Under the leadership of prominent Wichita citizens Mrs. David V. Walker and Mrs. Joseph S. Prestridge, the Society's first real shelter was built in the 1920's at Lincoln and Oliver. In 1957, the Society's shelter was constructed on Southeast Boulevard with over twenty acres of land, dog and cat kennels, a meeting center, and offices. In 2004, the Kansas Humane Society (a non-profit organization funded by private donations) and the City of Wichita (a municipal entity funded by tax dollars), embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime project - the creation of a shared animal care campus designed to serve the community in the best possible way.

The Murfin Animal Care Campus, located at K96 and Hillside, features a separate facility for each organization, located side by side, with collaborative programs to enhance services for pet owners, adopters and the community. The Kansas Humane Society’s facility is funded entirely by private donations.

Pets Adopted

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