Summer Love Flyer 2017

Are you looking for your next summer love? Why not check out KHS!

We're offering our Summer Love Adoption Special on Saturday, May 27th.

All adult dogs will have their adoption fees reduced to only $25! As always, adult cats are free! 

KHS is open from 11:00am to 6:30pm on Saturdays, and this special will run the whole day.

This event is possible thanks to sponsorships from the Petco Foundation and longtime KHS supporter, Marni Stevens.

*Special excludes puppies and HIPP (high profile pets). No advance holds or dog introductions on event days!

























Pretty Prinny – Cat of the Week

Why hello there. I hope you enjoy sitting on the couch with a warm drink and having intellectual conversations because I sure do. I’m only 4 years old, but I’m definitely mature for my age. Young cats always want to just run around and get into trouble, but I’m not that kind of gal. I don’t always need to be the center of attention. Having lived with other cats before, I’ve learned to just go with the flow. Take me home and give me belly rubs! I can assure you that is the quickest way to my heart. Make your way down to KHS and give me a forever home!

Blissful Boe – Dog of the Week

Hi there! My name is Boe, and I’m a 44-pound couch potato! I love hanging out around the house and keeping people company! In my previous home, I lived with cats, so I can get along with pretty much anyone! I’m one of the kindest and most compassionate dogs you’ll ever meet. Since I’m 7 years old, I’m exceedingly down to earth and well behaved! I pride myself on being the perfect catch! If you let me sit by your feet and keep you company, I promise I’ll love you forever! Come down to KHS and see me! I know you won’t be able to resist taking me home!

We're hosting a Pampered Paws Puppy & Kitten shower!

Pampered Paws Puppy & Kitten Shower

Yes, you read that right. A baby shower for puppies and kittens!

The shower will be hosted Saturday, June 3rd, from 2PM - 4PM in the Kansas Humane Society Learning Center. What could be better than a roomful of puppies and kittens? A roomful of ADOPTABLE puppies and kittens, of course!

While hosting this baby shower for our precious little ones, we're also requesting donations of supplies for the foster families who take care of these sweet babies when they're too young to be adopted. Simply bring one Wish List item to the shower as a donation, and you will be entered into a raffle for a prize package from Cocoa Dolce worth $100. Yum!

After dropping off your Wish List donation, feel free to roam the room and see the stars of the show - the sweet faces of our puppies and kittens. Sweet treats will also be provided.

Pampered Paws Wish List

  • 2-3 tier cat cages
  • Weight scales (kitchen scale to weight kittens)
  • Formula (puppy or kitten)
  • Animal baby bottle 
  • Litter pans
  • Litter scoops
  • Housetraining pads
  • Feliway diffuser and/or refills
  • Cat crates (small to medium)
  • Wet cat food
  • Baby wipes
  • 2-ounce bottles of Pedialyte

Our Pampered Paws Shower is being made possible thanks to generous donations from Target, Walmart, Cocoa Dolce, and Noodles & Co.








Nifty Nijah – Cat of the Week

Why hello there. My name is Nijah and I’m the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet! I’m 9 pounds of pure cuddles and cat kisses just for you! Want to take a trip to the kitchen!? I’ll walk by your side every step of the way! I’m a 4-year-old cat that knows what I want in life. I’m looking for a family to give me belly rubs, cuddle with me on the couch, and watch a good movie! I’ve lived with other animals before so no need to fret, I’ll get along with other pets. Can you give me my forever home? Drop by KHS and come see me!

Lovely Lita - Dog of the Week

HI!!! My name is Lita and I am a princess! I’m up for any dog adventure! I’m extremely independent for a 1-year-old and love to show it! I love running around and discovering new places! I’m also a big fan of making new friends! Making new friends isn’t hard for me, I’m super outgoing! If you take me home, then you’ll never have a dull moment! I’m not only the leader of any pack, I’m also the leader of any household! You should come see me, we’ll talk more in person! Come down to KHS, I’ll be waiting!

Lawmakers Refuse Vote on Pet Animal Law, KHS Urges Lawmakers to Reconsider

Wichita, KSA Senate Bill that would adjust inspection policies for puppy mill breeders was pulled from the House debate floor during Kansas lawmakers last session. Now, the Kansas Humane Society (KHS) and other Kansas animal shelters are urging legislators to reconsider and allow Senate Bill 47 (SB47) to go to vote.

The main points of Senate Bill 47 important to KHS and its supporters are:

-- SB47 would require breeders to be inspected by the same standards shelters are. Breeders would not be given prior notice of inspections, must pay the state if they miss an inspection, and be penalized if they do not meet humane standards at their facilities.

-- SB47 would retain the $10 licensing fee all animal foster families must pay to the state. Rep. Hoffman wants to increase that fee to $40, which would potentially greatly reduce the number of foster families able to help care for and save animals.

-- SB47 would allow shelters to perform off-site adoptions. This means families could adopt pets directly from special events and host adoption events at other locations rather than have them return to the shelter facility to adopt.

Kansas is the 3rd worst puppy mill state in the country and KHS believes SB47 could help fix this epidemic. SB47 has already been passed by the Senate and approved by the House Agricultural committee, but State Rep. Kyle Hoffman (R) of Coldwater urged House GOP leaders to formally remove the bill from the House’s debate calendar. KHS President and CEO Mark Eby says he is confused and saddened by Rep. Hoffman’s efforts to keep the House from debating and voting on this bill.

“I’ve tried really hard to listen to both sides of this debate,” said KHS CEO Mark Eby. “I’m struggling with why anyone would support the puppy mill breeders and not want to have inspections be the same as they as for the shelters? There is no reason to put the burden on foster families who are doing good work for the animals, when there are breeders just trying to make money.”

KHS is a member of the Pet Animal Coalition of Kansas (PACK). The following shelters are PACK members and are committed to supporting Senate Bill 47.

          -Salina Animal Shelter

          -Lawrence Humane Society

          -Helping Hands Humane Society, Inc.

          -Great Plains SPCA

“This is the sixth year that we have advocated for updating the Kansas Pet Animal Act,” said President of PACK, Kate Meghji, who is also executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society, “And I find it terribly concerning that shelters and rescues, who represent the largest number of licensees in the state, are being treated differently than breeders, when it comes to state inspections.”

Lawmakers returned to session on May 1st, and now KHS is encouraging citizens to contact their legislators and ask them to push the conference committee to allow a vote on Senate Bill 47. It cannot pass if it is never voted on. If nothing is done, many breeders and puppy mills in Kansas will continue to operate with preferential treatment from the state.

“It’s obvious that the reason Kansas has a puppy mill problem is because the existing legislature allows for low performing facilities to operate and be profitable,” said Salina’s Animal Services Manager Vanessa Cowie. “This bill would assist our state in encouraging a sustainable and humane industry for our companion animals, by expecting and enforcing a higher standard or care.”


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