Gentle Gypsy – Cat of the Week

Hi there! My name is Gypsy and I love being around people! I’m a sweet and friendly 4-year-old cat that who enjoys the little things in life. I enjoy playing with cat toys, sprawling out on the couch, and lying on your lap! I’m just a kind and gentle cat looking for my forever home! Come down to KHS and adopt me today! 

Blissful Bartel – Dog of the Week

Hi, friends!! Are you in the market for a handsome 5-year-old dog?! I’m an upbeat and positive dog who always brings a smile to everyone’s face! I love going on walks, exploring new places, and collecting belly rubs from you! Let’s start our next adventure together! Adopt me today!  

KHS and City of Wichita Aim to Help Public Understand the Difference Between KHS and WAS

The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) and Wichita Animal Services (WAS) are excited to unveil a bright, new facelift to the front of their shared property in an effort to help customers and pet owners find their way. KHS WAS ColumnsWAS KHS

Since the two began sharing the property in 2009, the large columns out front were designed to point people to the appropriate entrance that fits their needs. However, these way-finders have often been overlooked, leaving many in the community still confused about which shelter they need to go to.

To summarize the services: To help alleviate that confusion and better serve the public, KHS and WAS came together to replace the text on the front columns to bright, attention-grabbing letters. Plus, KHS is putting out a new, informational graphic that helps explains the services WAS provides, the services KHS provides, how the two groups are different, but also how they work together.

Through these combined efforts, KHS and WAS hope to help customers and pet owners get to the place they need to be quickly, which could result in being reunited with a pet more quickly, getting help for an abused animal, or even adopting a new friend.

  • If you FOUND a stray, you’ll need to take it to WAS.
  • If you have LOST a pet, you’ll need to go to WAS to look for it.
  • If you need to LET GO of a pet you own but can no longer keep, you need to do that at KHS.
  • If you want to ADOPT, you can do that at KHS.
  • If you need to report ANIMAL ABUSE, call WAS.

Together, we help care for thousands of animals in our community every year and each organization is a valuable resource to our area. We hope with the public’s help, and better understanding of how we work, we can continue to grow and serve more animals every year.

To contact KHS with questions about services, please call (316) 524-9196. To contact WAS with questions about their services, please call (316) 350-3360.

WAS KHS Infographic


Clear the Shelters, the popular nationwide pet adoption drive that took the country by storm last year returns on Saturday, August 19 and for the first time ever, is coming to the Kansas Humane Society!

This year, KHS is joining with our local NBC station, KSN, to provide local families the opportunity to adopt an animal in need by offering waived adoption fees. We are thrilled to partner with KHS to make this year’s Clear the Shelters event another remarkable day across the country and here in our community.

KSN HFY Clear the Shelters LogoDuring our normal business hours on Saturday, August 19, 2017, KHS will be offering fee-waived adoptions! That means you pay $0 to adopt an animal from KHS that day. Yes - completely free adoptions! This amazing event is only possible thanks to our sponsors: Subaru, Petco, Fahnestock, and York. No holds on animals will be allowed on Friday, August 18 or on the day of the event. No dog-to-dog introductions on event day, please. 

Clear the Shelters has been a hugely successful event at other animal shelters across the country and we are so excited to be a part of this year and hopefully clear out our shelter and get dozens of animals adopted into new, loving homes,” said Mark Eby, President/CEO of the Kansas Humane Society. “We are so thankful to KSN and our sponsors for helping us make this event happen. Because of them, we are helping local families connect with and take home a new, furry family member.”

We’re hoping to have a successful Clear the Shelters day this year, so here’s how you can help us raise more awareness about Clear the Shelters 2017.

  • Upload an image of yourself with your pet or pets using the hashtags #ClearTheShelters and #LoveMyPet and listing the reasons why you love your pets.
  • Access a #ClearTheShelters / #DesocuparLosAlbergues filters on NBC and Telemundo stations’ websites that lets you easily share your pet photos across social platforms.

You don’t need to have an adopted animal to participate.  You can simply smile, snap a photo with your favorite furry or non-furry friend, list your reasons for loving your pet, and upload your post and photo to your social media channels. 

NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations’ Clear the Shelters initiative is a community-driven nationwide pet adoption campaign that seeks to match deserving animals with loving and permanent homes. This year, NBC and Telemundo stations all across the country will join with hundreds of animal shelters, including the Kansas Humane Society, to offer low cost or waived pet adoption fees to help families find and adopt a new pet. Since 2015, the stations’ Clear the Shelters pet adoption campaign has resulted in more than 70,000 pet adoptions nationwide.

Please visit KHS on Saturday, August 19 and help us ‘Clear the Shelters”!

You’ll help to give a homeless animal a new chance at life and you may also find your new best friend.

For more information, visit To access a list of all participating animal shelters across the country, visit

Look forward to seeing you on Clear the Shelters day, Saturday, August 19!

Event Sponsored By:

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Subaru Wichita

Loving Leonardo – Cat of the Week

Well hello there. I’m Leonardo, and I’m a smart and articulate 6-year-old cat. You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but us cats can learn at any age. I love exploring new places and playing with cat toys. I would have to say that my favorite thing to do is cuddle! The feeling of lying on your lap while you rub my belly is the best feeling in the world! I would love to cuddle with you today! Come pick me up at KHS and we can start our next adventure together. 

Loyal Liono – Dog of the Week

Hi!!! Where’s my ball?! Have you seen my ball?! Ahhhh, it’s in your hand! Throw it, again! I love playing catch with you so much! I’m a playful 2-year-old dog that is ready to find a place of my own! KHS has been fun, but I’m ready to run around and play outside with you! I live an active lifestyle and am proud of it! We can do all sorts of fun things. We can go on walks, explore new places, and play with chew toys! Come down to KHS and adopt me today! 

Peaceful Pepper – Cat of the Week

Hey there! Don’t worry, I brought my resume and cover letter with me! Sorry about the stains, I accidentally spilled cat food all over my resume. We all make mistakes! I’m a passionate 3-year-old cat that enjoys helping others! Why should I be your new personal assistant? That’s easy! I’m super sweet and very professional! We’ll only cuddle after we get all of the laundry and dishes done! Don’t fret, I’ll be there with you every step of the way! Need any more convincing? Come down to KHS and see me for yourself! 

Talented Tiffany – Dog of the Week

Hi! Are you looking for a new best friend?! How ironic! I am too! I’m a beautiful and kind 2-year-old dog that enjoys being around others. I constantly wag my tail and bring a positive vibe to any situation! I love running around outside and enjoying the sunshine with you! I’m a real sweet gal. I’m also part of the Lonely Hearts Club, which means my adoption fee will be reduced for you! I’ve loved getting to know all of the KHS staff, but I’m ready for a family of my own. Please come adopt me today! 

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