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Nursing a badly broken leg, Alfie limped into the Kansas Humane Society after being picked up as a stray in January. Cold, injured, and alone the young Shepherd was frightened. But even through his pain, Alfie’s sweet demeanor shone through as he beamed up at his new caretakers, licking the faces of the KHS staff as they worked to examine his leg. With limited resources at the shelter, the staff was unable to repair his shattered leg on their own and instead took him to Countryside Vet Clinic. Once there, the veterinarians were able to set his broken bones with a set of pins and an external fixator. But given the fragile condition of his leg, the staff decided Alfie’s best chance for a successful recovery would be to place him in a foster home.

That’s when Alfie cross paths with foster mom Dana Welch. “He’s great,” Dana said. “I’m ready to trade my other two in and keep him.” As a stay at home mother, Dana had volunteered both her home and her time to care for animals that where in need of a little extra care. “My two dogs --I love ‘em to death but they’re nuts-- there’s not a lot of people that would want to take on my two ‘Doofies’, but I love them so I figured if I can love them, I can definitely help another dog,” she joked about welcoming Alfie home.

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Once out of surgery Alfie’s signature sweetness began to shine through once again. “He has a very outgoing and loving personality,” Dana said. “No barking no growling, he just wants to kiss.” He soon came to love each of Dana’s family members and eagerly greeted them from his crate when they came home each day.

Until his leg heals, Alfie is on strict bed-rest and has to spend most of the day in the confines of his kennel. But his foster mom says she sees big things in his future soon. “I know he’s on drugs now but he’s still really aware. And he gets up and down a lot, just watching things. So I’m thinking work as a police dog is in his future.” But before Alfie can try-out for the police academy, he’s got several more check-ups at the vet. The Kansas Humane Society is able to cover his treatment thanks in part to their Emergency Medical Fund. This fund also provides care for other badly injured animals that come into the shelter in need of extensive medical treatment. KHS would like to thank all the donors who have already supported this live-saving medical fund, and urges others to give what they can so we can help save animals like Alfie. “It’s definitely important that people contribute in whatever way that they can,” Dana said. “It doesn’t take a lot--whether it’s time, money, or whatever-- it doesn’t take a lot to be able to give to these dogs that really need that kind of care.”

You can donate to the Emergency Medical Fund today at or mail a donation to Sarah Vincze’s attention at Kansas Humane Society, 3313 N Hillside, Wichita, KS 67219.

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