Busy Bertie – Cat of the Week

Well hello there! Is there anything better than fluffy cats? Nope! The only thing better than a fluffy cat is a fluffy cat with a sparkling personality like mine! I’m 6 pounds of pure fur and affection! I definitely know how to treat you right! I enjoy wondering around the house and finding new things to chase. I love being playful and goofing around, but I also like to think I’m exceedingly mature for my age. Yep, this 1-year-old cat has his collar on straight. I love KHS, but it’s time for me to find my forever home! I know we would be a great match. Drop by KHS and adopt me today!

Glowing Gusto – Dog of the Week

I hope you live an active lifestyle because I’m a lively dog! Why stop and smell the roses when you can run around and play fetch?! That’s the philosophy I always strive to live by! I’m a 5-year-old dog that is in the prime of his life! I hope you have a park near your house because I love being outdoors! And pleaaaseeee tell me you have some chew toys for me! I love dog toys more than any other dog on earth! Nothing better than playing tug-of-war with a rope, chewing on a squeaky toy, and playing fetch with a ball! I’m full of endless energy and good times! All I’m missing is my forever home! Run down to KHS and adopt me today!

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