Give the Gift of Comfort

UPDATE: Thank you so much for helping us reach our donation goals for dog and cat beds! The new beds have begun to arrive at our shelter, and we couldn't be more thankful that our homeless pets will have a safe and comfortable spot to relax. 


Our shelter pet beds are aging, and many need to be replaced to make sure every pet has a cozy spot to rest. You can give a homeless pet the gift of comfort this holiday season by donating a bed from our wish list.


Donate A Bed


For safety and sanitation, we use Kuranda Beds in our shelter. They are chew-resistant, easy to disinfect, and they contain no stuffing, exposed seams, or fabric that could easily be ingested. They are made specifically with shelter use in mind and sized appropriately for use in our kennels and suites. Kuranda beds are made in the USA. 

We are looking to upgrade from PVC frame dog beds to Aluminum frame beds so your donation can have an even longer lasting impact on our shelter pets. Our goal is to replace at least 60 of the dog beds and 20 of the cat beds that are in the worst condition, but we would love to surpass that goal! Our dog beds are the most in need to replacement. To ensure that every dog has a comfy resting place, our shelter needs around 150 Kuranda beds.

Thank you from our homeless pets, and everyone at KHS!

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