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It's estimated that one in three pets will become lost at some point in their lifetimes. Tragically, many will never ever be reunited with their families as they have no identification to speak for them. Before the unexpected happens, the Kansas Humane Society recommends that all dogs and cats have two points of protection:

  • A collar with an ID Tag with your current phone number as well as any license tags as required in your community
  • A microchip ID provides a safe, effective, and permanent form of identification should your pet's collar and tag fall off or get removed.

Be sure to update your pet’s tag and microchip if your address or contact information changes. Collars and ID tags can be purchased at the KHS Store.  Please speak with your veterinarian about microchip ids for your pets.


Lost Pets in the Wichita Area

The Kansas Humane Society wants lost pets and their owners to be reunited. If your pet is missing, help him or her come home again by starting your search today. Remember, the more action you take and the sooner you begin searching, the more likely you are to find your lost pet. 

1. Call Wichita Animal Services or Sedgwick County Animal Control and alert them that your pet is missing.

Inquire if any stray animals have been picked up matching your pet's description and provide your contact information including a daytime phone number.

2. Visit Wichita Animal Services daily in person at 3303 N. Hillside in Wichita and onlineNew lost pets are arriving daily and, by looking daily, your chances of being reunited with your pet are increased.

3. Post your lost pet information with local media and on lost pet websites. You can upload a photo and provide the location of where your pet was last seen. If you have found a lost pet, you can also post this information. Remember to include your contact information, a description of the animal, and the location where the pet was lost or found near.

4. Take a walk and look for your pet where he or she was last seen. Inform your neighbors, mail carriers, or others working in the area about your lost pet. Take at least one walk daily.

5. Post flyers with a clear, recent photo of your pet and your phone number in as many local businesses as possible.

6. Leave food and water and something familiar (such as a blanket, bed, or favorite toy) outside near your door. Animals may return on their own when no one is home, and having food, water and something familiar may encourage them to stay in the area.


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